The Standard for Sound Masking

The Sound Environment Your Clients Need

Modern offices present acoustic challenges. Hard, sleek materials throw sound across open plans. Simple, yet powerful sound masking adds privacy and comfort to the open, airy designs your clients want.

Create productive, comfortable spaces with acoustics designed for modern office aesthetics.

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UL 2572

The Only Sound Masking Solution Fully to Code

In fire emergencies, our sound masking system automatically shuts down, as required by fire code. Our system is the only one on the market able to do this.

Why You’re the Expert

More than Just Another Pretty Space

Your clients want spaces with looks and features that improve productivity. They may not know the impact of sound—until they start using the space. They don’t have to learn the hard way. Our sound masking solutions are:

  • Simple
  • Out of the box
  • Rack-mounted
  • Set it and forget it
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The Sound Environment for Innovation

15–25 Minutes

The amount of time a typical worker needs to recover from a noise distraction on the job.

Up to 20% Increase

In employee productivity output when a sound masking solution is implemented.

More than 80%

Of workers say they would be more productive if their workspace provided more acoustic privacy.

"With Lencore, I have the full confidence that their solutions can seamlessly integrate into any building system."
~Frank B. Yarborough, AV Systems Integrator, AVCON

"Lencore has the highest quality sound, and the systems are easy to install and operate. They're really the gold standard for sound masking."
~Chuck Smith, Integrator, Reason Facility Inc.