Feel Comfortable and Private Enough to be Productive

Overheard conversations can take you off task. Silence can be distracting.

Sound masking helps create a balanced, comfortable environment that’s not too quiet, not too loud, but just right.

Sound masking is designed to make distant conversations less distracting or, as we return to a less than full workplace, more comfortable by making it feel less quiet.

What is Lencore Sound Masking? The introduction of a gentle sound into the space to cover human speech. For about a $1 per square foot, this solution has a powerful Return on Investment.


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Reduced Occupancy Spaces Means More Distractions 

With less people in every office, due to social distancing guidelines, even the smallest noise can become a point of great annoyance and fixation. No matter the extent to which office design might evolve due to COVID-19, the potential for noise distractions, lack of speech privacy, and insufficient employee comfort will remain. 

 Lencore sound masking solutions are:

  • Simple
  • Effective
  • Unobtrusive


#1 in Comfort 

A great sound makes no noise. Lencore is the leading sound masking provider in comfort. Our sound is so comfortable, you won't even know it's on. Maximize your productivity and improve efficiency with Lencore.

Experience the Comfort

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Return on Investment

For about $1 per square foot, we'll solve your sound problems, boost productivity and increase privacy.

The Sound Environment for Comfort

15–25 Minutes

The amount of time a typical worker needs to recover from a noise distraction on the job.

Up to 20% Increase

In employee productivity output when a sound masking solution is implemented.

More than 80%

Of workers say they would be more productive if their workspace provided more acoustic privacy.

To engineer comfortable, private and productive environments through superior products with a commitment to outstanding service.
~ Mission Statement