Maximize Productivity, Increase Collaboration & Boost Client Satisfaction through Comfort

As barriers go up, hard antiviral surfaces are integrated, workspaces are moved apart, and office capacity is uncertain, it is essential that your clients maintain a productive, comfortable and collaborative work environment for their employees. The dynamics of noise (or silence) can cause a number of distractions, sapping the office of productivity. Lencore can help in a way that has proven ROI and pays off starting on day one. 

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Lencore Sound Masking

  • Control your clients' acoustical environment to provide exceptional productivity, comfort and privacy 
  • Allow your clients' employees to focus on the task at hand
  • Help your customers' teams collaborate more effectively and efficiently by optimizing productivity 
  • Boost customer satisfaction and overall well-being
  • Execute seamless audio integration and sound management to bring your clients' remote and in-office employees into a collaborative environment
  • Adaptable, scalable and  configurable for any office setup, now and in the future
  • Has a powerful ROI
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Lencore sound masking solutions are adaptive and scalable to your clients' changing work environment over time.



The flexibility and adaptability of our solutions allows employees to stay focused on the task at hand, increasing overall productivity and creating an immediate return on investment for your clients. 


Comfort & Well-Being

Sound Masking helps achieve an environment where employees are at ease. Employee satisfaction enhances their well-being and  productivity, yielding a higher return for your clients.