Manage noise distractions for your clients' remote employees

Dogs barking? Kids playing? Noisy neighbors?
At-home distractions have become the norm for remote workers, but our technology helps your customers' remote team stay focused on the tasks at-hand, while helping them to manage the everyday distractions at home, and to mirror the warm, comfortable sound of a Lencore-fitted office.

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Lencore Sound Masking

  • Help your clients' employees overcome noise distractions and focus on what's important 
  • Achieve the best remote environment possible with acoustical consistency 
  • Mirror your customers' in-office productivity at home
  • Execute seamless audio integration and sound management to bring your clients' remote and in-office employees into a collaborative environment
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Our best in class desktop unit allows your clients' employees to stay comfortable and productive no matter where they are or how they work.



The flexibility and adaptability of our solutions allows employees to stay focused on the task at hand, increasing overall productivity and creating an immediate return on investment for your clients. 


Comfort & Well-Being

Sound Masking helps achieve an environment where employees are at ease. Employee satisfaction enhances their well-being and  productivity, yielding a higher return for your clients.