Full audio integration & sound management in your clients' collaborative spaces

Whether it's ensuring your clients' new huddle space allows for clear communication during a meeting without nearby distraction, or the seamless integration of Zoom audio feeds into a conference room, Lencore uses state-of-the-art technology to engage the intended audience, while keeping conversations private from the unintended audience. 

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Lencore Sound Masking

  • Increase collaboration between your clients' remote and in-office employees by controlling the acoustical environment with audio solutions to maximize overall productivity 
  • Execute seamless audio integration and sound management to bring your clients' remote and in-office employees into a collaborative environment
  • Achieve acoustical consistency in at home and in-office work environments for your clients
  • Has a powerful ROI
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Lencore sound masking solutions are adaptive and scalable to your clients' changing work environment over time.



The flexibility and adaptability of our solutions allows employees to stay focused on the task at hand, increasing overall productivity and creating an immediate return on investment for your clients. 


Comfort & Well-Being

Sound Masking helps achieve an environment where employees are at ease. Employee satisfaction enhances their well-being and  productivity, yielding a higher return for your clients.