Grow your business by providing essential solutions to your clients

Your customers are making their return to work plans. Whether they implement a full return to the office, hybrid approach or stay virtual, it's essential that their employees stay productive and focused on what's important. 

Sound masking and remote audio integration present a huge opportunity! Our solutions are flexible, adaptable and configurable to any office set-up. Through our state of the art technology, we can engineer the perfect solution for your clients' in-office, remote and hybrid work environments.

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In Office

  • Control your clients' acoustical environment to provide exceptional productivity, comfort and privacy 
  • Allow your clients' employees to focus on the task at hand
  • Help your customers' teams collaborate more effectively and efficiently by optimizing productivity 
  • Boost customer satisfaction and overall well-being
  • Is adaptable, scalable and configurable for any office setup, now and in the future
  • Has a powerful ROI
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  • Increase collaboration between your clients' remote and in-office employees by controlling the acoustical environment with audio solutions to maximize overall productivity 
  • Achieve acoustical consistency in at home and in-office work environments for your clients
  • Execute seamless audio integration and sound management to bring your clients' remote and in-office employees into a collaborative environment
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  • Help your clients' employees overcome noise distractions and focus on what's important 
  • Achieve the best remote environment possible with acoustical consistency 
  • Mirror your customers' in-office productivity at home
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To engineer comfortable, private and productive environments through superior products with a commitment to outstanding service.
~ Lencore's Commitment